Oxfordshire Association for the Blind

Seven volunteers visited the Oxfordshire Association for the Blind, to gain information about working with people with sight loss. We received a very enjoyable and educational talk by Ana Novakovic, and she gave a few practical tips for helping someone with a visual impairment in their home. The talk lasted two hours, but we had exercises to complete, which involved being blind-folded and trying to count money and determine which coins were which. We also tried to make a sandwich, which was all fun, but gave us a greater understanding of what people with sight loss have to cope with. We were instructed in the correct way to walk with a blind person ‘sighted guiding’, and we tried this out ourselves, both taking the part of the blind person, and a turn as the sighted guide. We had plenty of tea, coffee, cakes and chocolate biscuits, and we all felt it was well worth attending.

Oxfordshire Association for the Blind
Bradbury Lodge
Gordon Woodward Way
Tel: 01865 725595
Website: www.oxeyes.org.uk
Email for further information: development@oxeyes.org.uk

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